Hollywood Leading Lady Jennifer Jones Tribute at popcultureaddict.com

Last week Britney Murphy died and the world stood still. One day earlier, five time Oscar Nominated actress and one of the most respected leading ladies of Hollywood's Golden Age, Jennifer Jones, died at age 90 and nobody even noticed. Thats why today at PCA I present my tribute to Jennifer Jones whose story was a Hollywood drama all its own - full of love, luck, lust, betrayal, heartbreak, tragedy, madness and redemption. Hope you'll take a moment to remember Jennifer Jones by reading my latest article at popcultureaddict.com

JENNIFER JONES - 1919 - 2009






Satanik (1968)

Both the title and the poster art would lead you to believe that this 1968 Spanish-Italian co-production is going to be somewhat in the style of Mario Bava’s Danger: Diabolik! but in fact Satanik has nothing in common with Bava’s classic. Although it’s also based on a European comic strip there are no masked criminals or masked crime-fighters in sight.

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Wake in Fright (1971)

Wake in Fright was the movie that really began the renaissance of the Australian film industry. Although it was an Australian-US co-production directed by a Canadian it remains the most powerful movie ever made in Australia.

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the great video nasty moral panic

The history of movies has also been the history or moral panics about movies. One of the most notorious of all these moral panics erupted in Britain in the early 1980s - the infamous Video Nasties scare. This led to a major censorship crackdown on home video releases in the UK, in the form of the Video Recordings Act of 1984.

Attempts were made to ban 72 films, and 39 films were eventually banned. Most have now been released, many in uncut form.

I've seen The Beyond, Don't Look in the Basement (a terrific little movie and why it was ever considered a video nasty is a mystery), Flesh for Frankenstein (one of my all-time favourite movies), I Spit on Your Grave, Tenebre (an overrated Dario Argento giallo), Inferno (one of Argento's better efforts), and Twitch of the Death Nerve (which I consider to be Mario Bava's worst film).

So that's seven out of 39. How many have you seen?

lost Belgian vampire classic

Mondo Macabro are releasing two films from Belgian director Jean-Louis Van Belle, including what is billed as a lost vampire classic, The Sadist Has Red Teeth, from 1971.

I don't see how you could go wrong with a title like that, plus it's from Mondo Macabro and that's good enough for me. I want it.